Hints & Tips

A Summer Wedding

A summer wedding in Queensland needs to consider a few things:

  • alternate venues in case of rain
  • seats for guests
  • water, sunblock and shade (people want to talk about how great the ceremony was, not heat, sore feet and sunburn)
  • try not to keep everyone waiting too long in the heat

If you are having a beach wedding, be aware of nature’s bio-rhythms! When is high-tide? The Sunrise Times will help you with sunrise and sunset times. Try for a protected area. Wind can ruin your day and photographic equipment!

How long does the bride keep the groom waiting?

All of us ladies have had the dream of keeping the groom waiting, just a little, to keep him on his toes so that when we, the bride, arrived he was so happy to see us. It made our hearts flutter even more than it already was. Well, I guess if the groom was on time, and the guests were on time, the Bride alone is entitled to be late, just a little, 10 minutes maybe. If the Bride keeps in mind that the professionals she has engaged to help make her day perfect may have other commitments themselves, 10 minutes or so is perfectly acceptable.

After You're Married

To prove your married name, you need a copy of your Marriage Certificate (not the one you sign on the day, which is a Certificate of Marriage). You can order this through Births, Deaths and Marriages in Queensland.

For the fee charged by Births, Deaths and Marriages, I can include the application for Marriage Certificate with your Marriage Registration documents, then you just wait for it to arrive!

As soon as you have exchanged vows, out loud in front of witnesses, you are legally married. You can start to use your married name immediately. You just need the Marriage Certificate to prove your married name to Banks, Passport Office, Department of Transport (for driver's licence) and just about everyone else these days where you need to change your name.